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Alicia Ocampos

Alicia Ocampos is the 7th daughter of a total of 14 children born to Brother Genaro Ullon (Pastor in Caazapa). While living in Villarrica she attended Bible School, first as a guest when she was 15 and then as a full time student. She graduated in 1985 and continued on as a secretary/chaperon for several years. Durring that time she also took secretarial classes at a local Junior College. She helped Bro.Virgil with the printshop where she learned to run the mimeograph printer. Alicia helped in editing and publishing of many tracks and studies; many of which she transcribed from the notes of several Bible Schools students. Durring her time in the print shop she helped transcribe, edit and print studies and tracks and a Hymn book "Himnos de Gracia".

Alicia accepted the Lord as Savior and Lord as a small child and was baptized in Villarrica when she was 14 and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit soon after (this was a time of true revival in Paraguay. Prayer meeting every night that was not a church night with at least two or three being filled each night.)

During her last year living in Villarrica she also lead the young people in a weekly radio broadcast "Ninguno tenga en poco tu juventud" (Let no one dispise your youth).

About 1995 Alicia moved to Asunción and helped her uncle Juan Ullon (pastor in L. Petit, Asunción) for about a year. Then she moved to Caazapa to help her dad in the growing work there. In Caazapa she was the youth leader for 12 years and help.

She married Bro. Macario Ocampos in March of 2003 and immediately, as a new couple, they moved to San Juan, Nepomoceno. They attended a local church (Baptist/Free brethren) for a time until they felt the leading of the Lord to start a home meeting. February 11, 2007 they started a meeting in their home with one brother, Marcelino Martinez, who continues to attend faithfully. Although they continue to meet in the home, in 2008 they purchased a property where they plan to build a church and parsonage soon.


Anastacio Ullon

* Copied from EGE Ministries Monthly Report (06/01/2008) by Virgil Crook

I mentioned last month very briefly how the work began in Paraguay, through the ministry of Bro. Norman Fisher. He would meet with several young men who were brothers in the natural, working at a Christian school in Asunción. They would meet during their lunch/siesta hour (11:30 to 3:00) and he would teach them the Word. Last month we wrote about Bro. Juan Ullon, who is a pastor in Asuncion.

Another of the brothers name is Anestacio Ullon. He and his wife, Maria, had 13 children. At the present time he is 84 years old. He has always made his living as a farmer, both in cattle and crops. To my knowledge he has never owned a tractor nor any other vehicle, for that matter. He has done all his farming with oxen, and at times with horses. He has always lived in the rural area of southern Paraguay about an hour’s drive from the city of Encarnacion. He began his ministry by inviting neighbors in for house meetings. As the congregation grew, they built a wooden structure which served as a church building. As they continued to grow they just added more boards and extended the walls out a bit more. His congregation grew to about 200 in the mid 80’s, at which time they built a church building of stones with the financial help of a Peace Core worker who had come to improve their methods of farming and came to know the Lord while working among them. He lived with one of the farming families from the meeting.

Bro. Anestacio is one of the brethren with whom I have had the sweetest fellowship over the years. In the 36 years we have known each other, we have never had a quarrel nor a falling out of any kind. He is a very precious brother who loves the Lord and the Pauline truths we love and preach. He has always stood firm and unmovable for the truth. We made numerous trips to visit him and the saints in that area each year. Paul’s words to the Philippians very aptly apply to Bro. Anestacio. Paul rejoiced with the Philippians because of their“fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now,” according to Philippians 1:5. I can say that has been very true with Bro. Anestacio, we have enjoyed “fellowship in the gospel from the first day until no.”

The many years of long physical work under the hot semitropical sun of Paraguay and the care of the spiritual flock has taken it’s toll on Bro. Anestacio’s health. He has had many battles with his health, as has his wife, Maria with hers, through the years. He has battled rheumatoid arthritis for the last 10 years. He is, at this time quite frail and has lost a lot of his sharpness, but continues to minister. We trust you will hold him up in your prayers.


Fidelino (Fide) Galeano

(Copied from EGE Ministries Monthly Repost (09/01/2008) by Virgil Crook)

I have written about the older brethren who were present in the beginning of the work in Paraguay, the three Ullon brothers, Juan, Anestacio and Genaro. This month I will write about one of the younger pastors. He is a year younger than Bro. Doug, so if you know how old he is, you can do the math. His name is Fidelino Galeano. His parents are Paraguayan, but he was raised most of his early life in Argentina and his only brother, with his wife and his family, still live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We call him Fide, which is short for Fidelino. His wife’s name is Laura. They were married in 1988. The have 6 children, 2 of which are twin boys. Those of you who have been to Paraguay know Fide and his family. He pastors the church in Villarrica and oversees the camp where Doug and I minister when we go to Paraguay.

By trade Fide is a carpenter. He works slow but his work is good and dependable when finished. The church does not fully support him so he works with his father, who is also a carpenter. Their expertise is in furniture, such as chairs, tables, wardrobes and cabinets. He did the carpenter work in our house in Paraguay, including wardrobes, kitchen table, chairs and cabinets.

I consider Fide to be our sixth child and I believe our five children consider him a brother. He lived with us for 7 years. He lived most of his early life in Argentina, but by birth he is a Paraguayan and had to do his military service in Paraguay, while his parents still lived in Argentina. He went to Paraguay to fulfill his military duty and at the same time attended the Bible School in Villarrica. He needed a place to stay, so we took him in and he shared a room with Randy. He also completed his high school education while living with us, attending classes with Craig and Gordon. While living with us he taught Gordon, Randy and Kendall to play the guitar. He continued to live in our house when we came home in 1982 and was there to help Doug and Kristi adjust to life in Paraguay when they went in 1983.

Since I came to know him as a young man, I have been impressed with his testimony, sincerity, faithfulness, dedication and patience as a true example of the believer. He has remained faithful to the message we so dearly love, without wavering nor being swayed by more popular movements taking place in Paraguay. He has stood firm on the principles we stand firm for here at Abundant Grace Fellowship. I don’t mean to praise a man or think of him more highly than I ought, but I do recognize Fide as a true and faithful brother in Christ, fellow worker, and fellow soldier, as Paul wrote of Epaphroditus in Phil. 2:25.

I can say of him, as Paul said of Timothy: “I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state. For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ's. But ye know the proof of him, that, as a son with the father, he hath served with me in the gospel.” Phil 2:20-22 I believe Bro. Doug would tell you the same thing. We often say of Fide, “he only has 2 gears, slow and slower.” Though he may not be as dynamic and charismatic as some other preachers and pastors, he is solid, and I will take solid over dynamic and charismatic any day. Through the years there have been issues and questions about people, congregations, and situations about which I needed a faithful opinion. Fide was and still is, the one I ask and with whom I consult. He does not have a personal agenda. As Timothy, he seeks not his own, but genuinely cares for the Lord’s flock.


Genaro Ullon

(* Copied from EGE Ministries Monthly Report (08/01/2008) by Virgil Crook)

I have mentioned very briefly how the work began in Paraguay, through the ministry of Bro. Norman Fisher. He would meet with several young men who were brothers in the natural, working at a Christian school in Asunción. They would meet during their lunch/siesta hour (11:30 to 3:00) and he would teach them the Word. I have written about Juan & Anestacio Ullon.

The third and last of the brothers is Genaro Ullon. He and his wife, Marsiana, had 16 children. At the present time he is 80 years old. Like his brother, Anestacio, he has always made his living as a farmer, both in cattle and crops. Unlike his brother, who has lived most of his adult life in one place, Genaro has moved a lot from place to place in Paraguay. The last 25 years he and his family have lived about 30 miles south of Villarrica, where we lived. The town is called Caazapa and in the birth place of the Ullon family. There are many towns and places in Paraguay that begin with the suffix “caa,” which is a Guarani word meaning “yerba,” or in English, “herb or herbal.” In Guarani, it has special reference to the tea (mate) they drink in Paraguay and in most countries in South America. The special boast and pride of this town was the fact there had never been an Evangelical work established there. The residing priest of Caazapa made the boast on many occasions, loud and clear, that there would never be an Evangelical work established in “his” town.

How the work began and evolved there is very interesting and indicative of how the work began and was established in Paraguay. Brother Genaro moved to Caazapa and bought a house with a good sized lot while he was still in bible school at the time Bro. Doug was in Paraguay. (1983 to 1985) He would sit in his patio sipping mate under the shade of a big mango tree and invite people in to drink with him as they passed by his house. The Ullon family was well known by all, so they would accept and he would testify to them of their need to accept Jesus as savior as they sipped mate together. One by one they came to the Lord and soon there was a need for a church building. There were no evangelistic campaigns with loud music, loud speakers and evangelist, just a quiet man and his family sitting in the shade of a mango tree testifying and being examples of the power of God to change lives.

Little by little materials were gathered and construction was begun without fanfare and commotion. The majority of the established congregations in Paraguay were established the same way with little variation. Before the priest knew what was happening, there was a lovely evangelical church building standing as a testimony to God’s grace and power to change lives, full of people from Caazapa. The work not only began, put was fully and firmly established, right under the priest’s nose, so to speak. While we were there in July, we inaugurated another church building brother Genaro helped to build about 50 miles away in a very remote part of Paraguay. Just looking around, where the building stands, you would wonder where all the people would come from. Paraguayans think nothing of walking, riding horse back, or on small motor scooter, miles and miles to attend a service. That is one thing that impressed me when I first went to Paraguay, and continues to impress me. The sacrifice they are willing to make to hear the gospel of the grace of God.


Juan Ullon

* Copied directly from the EGE Ministries Monthly Report (07/01/2008) by Virgil Crook

The main purpose of these monthly reports is to give the family of Abundant Grace Fellowship an opportunity to know some of the brethren with whom we have worked for the past 35 years. We will start with those who were involved from the beginning. The work brother Doug and I are associated with in Paraguay began in 1946 when several missionaries went to Argentina and began missionary endeavors in northern Argentina. A few years later some of them crossed over to Paraguay. One of the missionaries was Bro. Norman Fisher who was related to the Woods family from here in Denver. He would meet with several young men who were brothers working at a Christian school in Asunción. They would meet during their lunch/siesta hour (11:30 to 3:00) and he would teach them the Word. Four of the five went on to pastor churches in different parts of Paraguay.

One of the brothers remains in Asuncion to this day. His name is Juan Ullon. He is the pastor of the church where the group which went from here in June of 2002 attended services in Asuncion. Of all the brethren we have worked with, he is perhaps the most evangelistic in his ministry. He is not a teacher like most of the other pastors. He is a very fervent and sincere brother and has a big heart for the needs of the people. He makes frequent trips into the rural areas each year and does all he can to teach the rural saints to be more efficient and hygienic in their daily lives. His approach to the gospel is very practical. Because of some bad information I received when I first went to Paraguay, I was somewhat skeptical of him, but through the years I have grown to appreciate his ministry for what it is. As is the case with any gospel work, his congregation has fluctuated. There is, at the present time, a good mix of children, young people, middle aged and elderly in his meeting. The church building is located in what was, in the beginning, a very poor section of Asuncion. It is still on the lower end of the social scale of Asuncion society, but much improved in the last 15 years.

Juan and his wife have four children, three boys and one girl. I believe he is 82 years old. He recently suffered a heart attack. The last news I had of him is that he is much improved, put not up to preaching. My granddaughter, Lisa is married to his grandson, Abel, so we are at least distantly related, as we both share the same great granddaughter.


Samuel Bogado

* Copied from EGE Monthly Report (10/01/2008) by Virgil Crook

Last month I wrote about one of the younger pastors with whom Doug and I work in Paraguay. He is a year younger than Bro. Doug. His name is Fidelino Galeano. This month we will look at a pastor who is younger. I was thinking Fidelino was the youngest but Samuel Bogado is 43, give or take a year or two. Those of you here at Abundant Grace Fellowship will no doubt remember Samuel and his wife Susana. They were here a couple of years ago and he spoke one Sunday night and I interpreted for him. He also spoke at the Thursday Spanish service. Susana is the youngest sister of our daughter-in-law Sara. Samuel and Susana have five children ages 15 to 6, Acsa (Achsah, Caleb’s daughter, in English,) Sara, Pablo, Lisa, and Tirza. Susana comes from a family of eight. Samuel comes from a family of 23, 17 of which are living. Samuel grew up in the same rural area where Bro. Anestacio lives and, like him, his family were farmers. Bro. Anestacio was his pastor. Samuel attended the Bible School in Villarrica.

After completing the Bible School in 1989, he went to Encarnacion, which is in the extreme south of Paraguay, across the river from Posadas, Argentina. As all the meetings in Paraguay, they started in a home and continued to grow until they could build a small wooden building in which to meet. In 1996 they were able to build a larger structure of bricks, the most common construction method in Paraguay. He has a congregation of about 120, which of course fluctuates from time to time. Paraguayans are very nomadic, that is, they move from place to place, seeking the best economic situation. As most of them don’t have a lot of material possessions it is easier for them to move than it is for most Americans. I believe at the present the building is full on Sundays which holds 100 to 150.

Samuel has worked most of his adult life for a large distributing company which is the franchise distributer for Pepsi in southern Paraguay, and they distribute many other household products. He has always been highly respected by his boss and co-workers because of his honesty and integrity. Believers in Paraguay are highly sought after for that very reason because it is hard to find an honest Paraguayan otherwise. Most proprietors are robed blind by their own employees. He finally quit his job about 2 or 3 years ago to be able to dedicate more time to the Lord’s work. In addition to his duties as a pastor in Encarnacion, he tends to several other meetings in the area, most of which are several hours away. I believe there at least five different meetings he tries to help, rotating between them every 4 or 5 weeks. As you can imagine, it keeps him quite busy. When Craig and Sara lived there, they had a prison ministry which I don’t think Samuel has had time to continue.

Both Samuel and Susana are very dedicated to the Lord and to the work in Paraguay. Susana is a very capable help meet (comparable helper, Gen. 2:20) for Samuel. She does a good work among the children. She taught for a while in a Christian School in Encarnacion. I appreciate the dedication and testimony that Samuel and his family have given to the work in Paraguay. Continue to remember them in prayer, that the Lord would give wisdom and spiritual insight to them.

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