Contact us

Rather than reading the blog, if you would like to receive email reports please let us know.  We don't want to leave anyone out and at the same time we don't want to spam people. Following are several ways you can contact us and also information on how to ship or mail things to us in Paraguay. Being away from home is difficult but having all the modern conveniences of communication makes it so much easier.

Permanent USA address:

Randy and Loida Crook 6022 Nelson St Arvada, CO. 80004

Mailing address in Paraguay

Regular mail in Paraguay is not very reliable. Please send any cards or letters to this USA address. They will deliver to us in Paraguay for a small fee. Randy & Loida Crook 7365 NW 35th Street GA7279 Miami FL 33122


Randy: Loida:


Phone communication now is as easy as dialing any other USA number. If you have an iPhone you can FaceTime or on any phone you can dial our State side phone number. By iPhone: As long as you are on your home wifi you will not even use your data plan. The call is absolutely free for both of us and as long as we are in Paraguay we almost always have a signal. 1. Go to your contacts and select Randy or Loida. 2. Scroll to the bottom and select Add to Favorites 3. Select our email address or 4. Select FaceTime audio for voice calls or FaceTime for video calls 5. Next time you want to call us you simply go to your favorites and call us By regular phone: Simply dial our local number and you will be connected with our home phone in Paraguay. There is no additional cost to you. (816) 559-7953 Skype randycrook chicalalita1


You can also ship things via air mail or boat: To ship by air the cost is $20/Kilo so use sparingly. Randy & Loida Crook 7365 NW 35th Street GA7279 Miami FL 33122 To ship by boat the cost is calculated by cubit meter and it is comparatively inexpensive but it will take 2-4 months to arrive. You can ship directly from any online store or from you home to this address: Randy & Loida Crook 107 Main Street Bloomsbury NJ 08804