Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Saints,

Fall is in the air! We have gone from 120 Fahrenheit to temperatures in the 80's. We are grateful for the relief from the heat, but the rain also means that construction on the printshop/house is interrupted. The months of December through February were very hot even with the amount of rain received. They are saying that we will have an early fall and winter and at least this week it looks to be that way.

We have started visiting Capiata, Oviedo and Caazapa again after an absence of over three months. Our last visits were in early November before our trip to Claypoles, Argentina. After we got back from Argentina we had one thing after another to attend to. In December we came down with the Dengue virus and when we recuperated we had the Isla Vega camp here in Paraguay followed by the Camp and Bible Study in La Colonia, Argentina. Upon our return from there, Brother Fidelino was in bed with Dengue and so we stuck around Villarrica to help with the services. And then, the last event was the Calle 2 camp.

The Calle 2 camp was canceled due to rain and rescheduled for the weekend of the 18th through the 21st. We had a good turn out and a good time of fellowship. It was unbearably hot on Thursday, but Friday evening into Saturday it rained and temperatures dropped a bit. We started out with about 40 people camping and by Saturday we had about 140 people eating and maybe 20 more that came just for the services.

We were able to take a day off for a late wedding anniversary and that was very nice and refreshing. Now we are back to all our activities. The construction of the print shop and house takes up a lot of our time. We continue to seek the Lord for wisdom in all things. Our only confidence is that we are doing this in obedience to His direction. Construction is very different here. Those of you following Loida on Google+ can see the construction step by step. We will try to post some photos on the blog as soon as possible.

Mom and Dad will be visiting us this March in time for the Easter Camp in Isla Vega. They will be here the entire month of April. We look forward to their visit and the brethren here are very excited. We will be doing some traveling, but not to the extent that we did in 2013. 

We need much prayer for the Isla Vega camp. There are many details that need prayer; from administration to finances to building projects. Please also continue to pray with us in regards to a Bible School. We continue to seek the leading of the Lord in this regard. There is such a great need and it's just humanly impossible to get everything done. We are grateful that we do not depend on "humanly possible" but trust in "the God of all grace" to provide in every way. We will be leaving for Tucuman on Wednesday for special meetings starting Friday morning and ending Sunday afternoon. Pray for a safe journey and "pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you".

Thank you for all your love and prayer and financial support.

Randy and Loida,

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