Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hide Me Behind The Cross

Lord as I seek to serve You, May You find in me what's pleasing in Your sight. I leave my will at Calvary, Humbled by Your overwhelming love and grace. For I know it's only through Your love, That who I am is hidden by Your grace. Let my desires be overshadowed, As I recall the purpose of Your grace. 

Hide me behind the cross, Where my gains become as loss. And only Your glory is in view. Your power will be revealed The more that I am concealed. Hide me behind the cross So the world sees only You. 

When I rely on Your strength And find my refuge in Your loving grace, You'll faithfully transform me  From glory unto glory by your grace. May the power of Your Spirit or-flow, In my heart surrendered to Your will, That through my trials and my joys, You alone are always glorified! 

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