Saturday, November 21, 2015

Getting Ready for Claypoles

The fellowship meeting in Claypoles, Buenos Aires, Argentina starting Thursday evening, November 26th has turned into a camp in La Colonia. The congregation in Claypoles started having these special meetings in November of 2009. They had been renting a facility just across the street from the church. The church is a home meeting in the pastor's garage where 80 plus people gather. The cost for renting the camp ground was about $1200 for three days. This year Bro. David Barrionuevo and his wife made two trips to Ushuaia to help establish a meeting there and as an assembly they are also supporting Bro. Tito (Sebastian Gauna) who moved with his family to Ushuaia back in July. As a result of this they were leaning toward not having special meetings this year. As they spent some days in prayer in regards to this, Bro. Sergio Nakasone, pastor in La Colonia, arrived at their house late one night and they talked about the meetings. Bro. Sergio offered them the use of the existing camp ground in La Colonia. It is hard to explain all the details and history behind this; suffice it to say that we are overjoyed with how the Lord is working; uniting the hearts and minds to the Glory of Christ.

Please keep us in your prayers. Loida has been battling a sinus infection the last several days and she is the one that keeps me on track and she is the one that prepares absolutely everything for these trips.

We will be traveling to Buenos Aires by bus this time. The long drive just takes too much out of us and we have two big months ahead of us and Loida would not be able to help much with the driving on account of her bad foot. We have been praying for a driver to help us but for now we will try the bus. We will see how this works for us. The advantages of traveling in our own vehicle are that we can move about when we want, we can stop along the way to visit people, we can take people with us, we can take more stuff with us, such as tracks and Bibles.

Also be in prayer for the young people here in Villarrica and Caazapa. There are several that are wanting to travel to La Colonia in January for the Family Camp there. The cost for tickets that time of year is double and for some it would be prohibitive. They are looking into options of renting a bus or van.

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