Monday, November 9, 2015

CDE Km10 Acaray

I guess it's been over two years since we visited Bro. Esteban in Ciudad Del Este, Km10, Acaray. The church is 10 kilometers from CDE and you go in towards the Acaray river (North); therefore CDE, Km10, Acaray. The meeting here started, as most meetings here in Paraguay, as a family gathering around the Word. There were several families in the area, most of them from Bro. Braulio's meeting in CDE. It had become increasingly difficult for them to make it to meetings in the city of CDE. Some of the families had simply stopped attending services and had consequently drifted away from the Lord.

Bro. Esteban moved to Km10 about 2012. A brother where they had been gathering donated a piece of property and they very quickly built a small building (5x9mt) in which to gather. Brother Esteban built a house next to the church and so an assembly was born. The small building is full on Sundays and they are planning on adding on to the building.

We arrived in CDE Friday night and spent the night at Loida's parents house. We had our first service Saturday 5:00pm. Sister Graciela also came from Villarrica and so we had two services. Sister Graciela spoke the first hour and I gave the second hour. There was a very good turnout, considering that there was such short notice regarding these special meetings.

Sunday arrived with a threat of rain which materialized by the time I spoke in the first morning service. It continued to rain off and on the rest of the day. We had three services in the morning and then an asado (barbecue). They wanted to have an afternoon service, so we stayed on and had two more messages starting at 1:30. So we had a total of seven hours of Bible study between Saturday afternoon and Sunday. 

We are grateful to the Lord for every opportunity and especially for the hungry hearts. There was a moving of the Holy Spirit and an atmosphere of praise and worship. As we look at the visible church and see such apathy and such a lack of interest in the Word of God, it is good to be reminded that there are still folks that will sit through seven hours of Bible Study and enjoy every minute of it.

Please remember the saints in CDE, Km10, Acaray.

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