Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Resistencia Youth Camp - October 2015

Despite the rain and cold about 40 young people, camped in tents, enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship in the Lord. We had three hours of Bible study in the morning and two lessons in the afternoon into the evening. The young people were attentive and earnest in their desire for more of Jesus.

In Argentina they eat very late, so supper was after the evening service, which ended about 8:30 on Saturday. After supper and after Loida and I had left and gone to bed, the young people were in the sanctuary talking and singing, which led to praise and worship and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Sunday evening the altar service continued for quite some time and again, after we finally ate supper and watched a slideshow of previous camps, the young people stayed up until 3AM seeking the Lord.

On the one hand, we see such apathy in the church today. On the other hand, we see a supposed revival that is nothing more than an emotional fervor that has no spiritual substance whatsoever. This is why it is so refreshing to see a genuine moving of the Holy Spirit of God among His people; especially among the youth. There is such a hunger for the Word of God! May the Lord stir the hearts of our youth to lay hold of truth and to allow truth to lay hold of them!

It started raining the day we left for Resistencia and it rained until Monday morning. It was a light rain and mostly a drizzle, or even a mist most of the time, but it made it cold and wet. We felt for the young people that were camped in tents and had only two showers for bathing and little water. They are in the process of building a roof between the church building and the house to provide some shelter. They have made some improvements, but Resistencia is a small assembly and very poor people. They have accomplished a lot with the little that they have.

Please continue to pray for Resistencia and the surrounding communities that Jesus Christ might be glorified in the preaching of Word and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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