Friday, October 9, 2015

Loida's foot

Should have posted this back when it happened, but here it is now. On Saturday, August 22nd, Loida fell and broke her foot. We had just arrived in Cnel Oviedo for church service, as we have been visiting this place every Saturday possible since we moved to Paraguay. As Loida was stepping out of the vehicle on the asphalt street, she stepped right into a hole. The street was a cobblestone street with an asphalt overlay. Apparently she stepped down, found no ground and then went down hard right on the point of a stone with her right foot. She fractured her second intermediate cuneiform bone and dislocated her metatarsal bones. She twisted her ankle, stretching her tendons and muscles and banging her left foot on the ground pretty hard.

We did not realize the extent of her injuries at the time. We assumed that she simply sprained her ankle; not that a sprained ankle is simple, but compared to what actually happened, it would have been much easier. Loida stayed in the car, as I was scheduled to preach, and after service we went to see a massage person that works on injured soccer players. She was able to put the bones in place and Loida was able to put some weight on her right foot. Sunday we stayed home and Monday we went to the Hospital here in Villarrica and got an xray of her foot. The traumatologist told her that she had a fissure but did not give her any specifics. She told her that if she would stay off her foot completely for two to four weeks, then she didn't need a cast. We went ahead and bought an orthopedic boot and someone in the meeting had some crunches. She finally got out to meeting the following weekend, but she did not do well Monday.

After that we consulted with another traumatologist and then with a physiotherapist. Loida felt that this seemed to provide the best results. After three weeks on crutches, she graduated to walking with the orthopedic boot and now, after six weeks, she is boot free. One of the kids at church loved her orthopedic boot and called it a robot foot.

As you can imagine, this has caused some major changes in our life and schedule. We are grateful for what the Lord allows and what He teaches us through the trials along the way. Apart from learning that our foot has 26 bones, we have had a lesson in trusting the Lord. Not taking things for granted. Loida has gained weight since we got married (had to carry her up to our first floor apartment). We really don't know what tomorrow might hold. We make plans, but trust the Lord because those plans can change in an instant. We pray for our trips, now we pray more. On any given trip we may expect to run into a cow or horse. We can expect to run over a motorcycle with no lights or into a truck with no lights. We could be run off the road by a truck making an illegal pass. But we did not expect a small stone to change our lives.

Please continue to keep Loida in your prayers, as she is still not back to normal...well, she is, but her foot isn't. She still has some swelling and pain, but we are very grateful that now she can get around without assistance.

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