Friday, October 9, 2015

Isla Vega Projects Completed

We have asked for prayer for these projects and thought I should get this blog updated with what the Lord has allowed us to do and to say thanks for your prayers and financial support.

Here is the list of projects that we posted back in May:

  1. Wall Fans for the sanctuary
  2. Electrical connections
  3. New Roof for the Pastors Lodge
  4. Concrete Floor in dining and sanctuary
  5. Drain in Kitchen
  6. Sidewalk to Women's dorm
  7. Camp Sites
  8. New Lodge
  9. Bathroom for Camp Sites
  10. Repairs on Men's Dorm

Most of these projects have been completed or partially completed.  Following is a list of items that have not been started:
  1. Wall Fans for the sanctuary
  2. New Lodge
  3. Bathroom for Camp Sites
  4. Repairs on Men's Dorm
These items have been partially completed:
  1. Electrical connections
  2. Concrete Floor in dining and sanctuary
  3. Camp Sites
1. Electrical connections:
We have replaced the main circuit box in the sanctuary and the circuit box in the Pastors Lodge. There is much to be done in regards to redistributing the loads so that we don't have blackouts. But the main project, as far as the electrical is concerned, is to provide more power than what we currently have available. This means replacing our current transformer and/or bringing in an additional line from the street and/or purchasing a generator for part of the electrical power.

2. Concrete Floor in dining and sanctuary:
We have completed approximately 252 m2 (2,712 ft2) of concrete floor for the dining area. By the January camp we would like to complete the entire kitchen area; approximately 2,000 ft2. Those were the main areas that are the worse and then, as time and money allows, we will complete the sanctuary area.

3. Camp Sites:
We almost completed one camp site. It has a metal frame where we will place shade cloth as a roof and in case of rain a tarp can be placed over it. We leveled and raised the floor and still need to place a load of dirt and plant grass but this should be done by January the Lord willing. If people like this arrangement we will build more similar structures in the future.

On the the projects not on this list that we had not planned on and that ran into quite a bit of expense were the columns we had to replace in the women's dorm. There are several other projects that have been brought to our attention and we will continue work as soon as possible.

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