Monday, August 17, 2015

Workers Meeting in Caazapa

Praise the Lord for His goodness and blessing! We are so grateful to the Lord for allowing us to have this workers meeting in Caazapa. It was a time of blessing, refreshing and sweet fellowship with pastors and gospel workers from Paraguay and Argentina. There were at least 19 local assemblies represented. The only complaint was that it was such a short time. It is hard to give a Bible study in 5 hours. We had a total of 15 hours of Bible study, starting Friday morning at 8:00. There were seven brothers from the Buenos Aires area representing three meetings.

Part of the five hours that I gave was on the subject of the Lord's supper on Saturday night. I gave a series of lessons on Church Ordinances, so I left my lesson on the Lord's Supper for Saturday night. We are grateful for the faithfulness of the Word of God and trust Him to accomplish that which is needed in each life. Without going in to detail, this was the first time in years, for many to partake of the Lord's Supper. It never ceases to amaze me how Satan will rob God's people of the blessing of obedience by twisting or distorting the Word of God (2Pe 3:16). 

There is a great desire to start a Bible School here and we continue to work to that end and pray for the leading of the Lord in all things. In every place we go and every meeting that we have, many express their desire for a Bible School. We are also praying that the Lord would open more opportunities for Bible study; not just a two day meeting, but at least a week where we could actually study an entire book or theme. Please pray with us to this end. 

The Saints in Caazapa showed themselves to be bold and courageous in preparing the buildings, grounds, food and boarding for so many people. As there was an abundance in the Word of God, there was an abundance of food. In order to host this event they had to build new bathrooms. This was quite a project for them and there are many other details that they worked on with love and sacrifice.  

We also printed material for Sis. Alicia as she was giving Doctrine and also printed a workbook for my lessons. We are so very grateful to the Lord for the print shop we have been able to set up here in Paraguay.

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