Thursday, June 4, 2015

Isla Vega Project Update

On one of our trips to the camp, it was brought to our attention (Fide and me) that the pillars that support the deck and roof overhang on the women's lodge are rotting and need to be replaced. They have almost completed the new steel pillars now. This  was not a part of our plans, but we are grateful that this was caught in time and fixed.

The roof overhang on the pastor's lodge is complete. They cut the pillars down about 7 centimeters, replaced some rotted beams and replaced the roof with a new steel roof. They also went ahead and replaced the overhang on the building next to the pastor's lodge.

As a separate project, Fide added a door to the back of the building next to the pastor's lodge and also an overhang on the East side of that building. A little history here. This building was built by sister Carlota Hogue several years before her passing in 2011. The front part of the building is used for some of the older women and the back part of the building is reserved for the Hogue family.

We also have a person working on getting the floor leveled and ready to pour the concrete slab. The same work is also being done on the church building in Villarrica and therefore, the brethren would like to pour that floor first. In the mean time, work will continue out at camp on things that do not require a lot of man power. Some of the labor we are paying for and some will be donated by the brethren.

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