Friday, June 26, 2015

Another Isla Vega Update

We were so excited to visit Isla Vega this past Wednesday and find that our room addition is almost complete! They opened a door in the north wall and added a room to the north of our current room. We only had to build two walls. Most of the roof was already there, we just had to raise it a bit. The floor was already there. The windows we used from the original room. They took out the east window from the original room and placed it on the west of the new structure. The north window was moved to the north of the new structure. The room to the East was, and still is, the water pump room. We hope the water pump isn't too loud for us.


The last two weeks we spent in Asuncion and in Ciudad Del Este with Loida's parents. Loida's mom went in for surgery and we took them to Asuncion and then to CDE after the surgery. We were glad to spend the time with them and Loida was glad for the opportunity to nurse her mom. We also attended services in Capiata on Wednesday. This last Wednesday we did not go to Capiata as our radiator has sprung a leak. Hoping to get that fixed next week. 


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