Monday, February 9, 2015

Location for the print shop

In October of last year we got our printing equipment and since then have done some printing for the workers meeting in Caazapa and a track. We have been traveling since November and have not had time to do anymore printing. Our number one need is for adequate space for the print shop. We are waiting on the Lord that he would lead for the exact place. 

On our trip to Claypoles, Buenos Aires, Argentina this last November I left an order for toner and spirals for binding. When we went to the La Colonia camp this January Bro. David Barrionuevo had made the purchase and would not accept payment. He said it was an offering to the Lord. We are grateful again for the generous hearts. 

Please pray that the Lord would provide a place for the print shop and that he would give us wisdom and strength for the task at hand.

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