Thursday, February 5, 2015

Calle 2 - 2015

This Friday, February 6th we will be heading to Calle 2 for what we call a mini camp; a weekend of special meetings. We will start Friday evening and end Sunday at noon. We usually have a total of about 8 or 9 hours of services.

Calle 2 is a small country church started by Bro. Anastacio Ullon back in the early 60's. At it's peak in the 80's, it grew to about 200, but now there are only three or four families that attend regularly. Most of those who will be at camp will be from Coronel Bogado and the areas surrounding Encarnacion. When Bro. Doug Crook started the camps back in the mid 80's, Calle 2 was one of the five locations where camps were held and this remained so until the inauguration of the camp in Caaguazu in 1988, where we started to have only one camp meeting. I personally have many wonderful memories of camp services and times around the alter in my youth in Calle 2. Sister Blanca Jimenez is currently pastoring in Calle 2. She graduated from Bible School in 1987.
Please pray for a time of revival and especially for the word as it goes out.

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