Thursday, October 9, 2014

Villarrica Construction Update

The construction on the church building in Villarrica continues. They have reached the height of the roof and now have one of the largest expenses, the roof itself; about $4,500. That amount is apart from the metal structure that they are finishing now that you can see in the pictures bellow. On top of the metal structure will go a metal roof with a layer of insulation under it. The roof does not include the drop ceiling.

Construction started a year ago and they are almost done with the structure itself. After the roof we will be dealing with all the details which are many, ceiling, flooring, electrical, windows, doors, airconditioning, etc. When I say "we" I mean Fide, the pastor. He is the one that has to deal with all these issues and I am very grateful that it is he and not me.

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