Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unpacking the Printing Equipment!

We unpacked all the printing equipment on Tuesday and put it together and set up the printer. Everything is in perfect condition. We set everything up on the dining room table and then moved it to the storage room for now. Eventually, we will need to move things to a more spacious location. For now, we think we have things figured out as to how to handle the printing from our apartment. For the time being we are not planning on printing large quantities so we should be able to handle things from here. First order of business will be to have some furniture made, especially for the printer and the guillotine. We are planning on talking with a carpenter this Thursday. 

The first track we printed was "Orientaciones Para El Creyente En Jesucristo" by an anonymous author. It is a one page, letter size, trifolded track that is for new believers. It goes over the basics of faith, confesion, water baptism, the Holy Spirit and the need for Bible study and assembling with other Believers. We only printed 20 for now, just a trial run to test different aspects of the printer and the folder.

We also scanned a short study on Predestinacion by A.S. Copley and Cantares by Virgil Crook. There are several studies such as Romans, Joshua, Revelations and others that we will be scanning in, running OCR and then editing for printing. I would really like to try printing at least one study book before we head to the States in November, but I seriously doubt there will be time.

Thanks to all who pray for the Lord's work here in South America.

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