Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Update on Bro. Macario

Thanks for praying for Bro. Macario. He is doing well. Today they are traveling to Asuncion for a checkup and they are hoping to have the cast off. He is getting around well with crouches and after the removal of the cast he can start physical therapy.

This has been a time of trial for Sis. Alicia and Macario.  Just days before the accident they had problems with their vehicle and had to put it in the shop. As they are in full time ministry they are learning to trust the Lord for their financial needs. As is always the case, the Lord has shown Himself faithful and kind. 

I have known Sis. Alicia, her godly character and faith in the Lord as I worked with her back in 1988 to 1993. But I did not know much about Bro. Macario since our only interaction with him was for a few hours on our yearly trips. The time we have spent with him since we have been in Paraguay and especially during this time of trial, has show us his deep trust and faith in the Lord and the depth of his fellowship with the Lord. It is an so refreshing and encouraging to observe the work of God's grace in the lives of others.

We truly serve an AWSOME God! He is able to take the vilest of sinners and change our hearts and lives and even our very character. The work of His grace! In me! In others! In anyone who will, by simple faith, accept His wonderful, powerful, mind blowing grace!

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