Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2014 Newsletter

Jeremiah 42:3 (NKJV)
"That the Lord your God may show us the way in which we should walk and the thing we should do.”
The theme of a series of lessons I am giving here is "Road Trip to Eternity". Heaven is our destination in Christ and it is settled. Our future is secure, our destination is fixed. Our goal on this trip is not heaven, but it is to win Christ. In very practical ways we are learning that we know NOT the way we should go or the things we should do. We are learning to look to Him and trust Him for every step of the way.
We have started visiting Caazapa Sunday mornings, speaking in Villarrica Sunday evening, Wednesday in Capiata and Saturday night in Coronel Oviedo. The 20th we will have a workers meeting in Edelira (221 miles from Villarrica). We are in the rainy season and the cold has started. Please pray for a time of encouragement and establishing for the gospel workers in that area.
We know that so many of you are praying for us and are genuinely interested in what the Lord is doing here in Paraguay. We want you to know that your prayers are being answered on a daily basis and that we are very aware of your prayers and love. We have created a Prayer Request page on our blog that is basically a collection of blog posts with a "prayer request" tag in it. I will mention some of them for those who may not read the blog.

Isla Vega Tent Shelter

The meeting in Caazapa began building a shelter for tents on Tuesday, May 20th. The Shelter will be 12mt x 10mt (39.4ft x 32.8ft) and should house several families with their tents. One family is also building three rooms on the back of the shelter. One for them, one for their daughter, who has a quadriplegic son and one for Bro. Macario and Sis. Alicia Ocampos,. She is the pastor now in Caazapa.
We are grateful to the Lord for touching hearts and for the willingness and enthusiasm to expand the current facilities.
Please continue to keep the Isla Vega camp in your prayers. There are many more structural needs, but there are also material needs in many of the local assemblies. May the Lord continue to give wisdom as to where and how to spend resources. These material things are just that, material and just that, things. Things that have no value or importance in and of themselves, but for now they do serve for the comforts of God's people, as we gather around His word and fellowship with His dear people.

Bible School

As we have mentioned from time to time the need for some kind of systematic Bible study, I thought I would remind you once again to pray for this need. I believe that the Lord IS leading in this direction and much prayer is needed. The task ahead is daunting, way beyond our ability, or wisdom, or strength, but we are ever more aware of the enabling and strengthening of the Lord.
There have been some serious talks with the elders here in Paraguay and some of the local Pastors are earnestly praying with us and for us. There is some indication that the Lord is directing us towards Caazapa as the place to build whatever infrastructure would be needed.
I hesitated to write this post as everything is still in conversation and planning stage, but then I thought, what better time to ask for prayer than now; before any decisions are even made.


A short extract from our April Newsletter:
We set up our tent beside the car and placed another tarp over both the tent and car to provide protection and privacy. All-in-all, it worked fairly well, but the cold at night and the discomforts made us consider once again the need for some kind of camper. If we are to continue to travel this way, for the next five or ten years, we will need something more comfortable and less work. We would like these frail bodies to last as long as possible in the will of God.
That was our thought after the Iruña camp and since then we have been diligently looking here in Paraguay and Argentina, but mostly in the US.
Please pray with us about this need and that the Lord would give us wisdom and guidance. We want NOTHING outside of His perfect will and provision!

Randy, Macario, Fide and Alicia

Tangerines from Hebron, Caazapa.Alicia in the background.

Fide preaching in  Villarrica.

Loida with her mom for Mother's Day

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