Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Edelira Workers Meeting

We are grateful for your prayers in regards to the Edelira convention. We had an excellent turn out for the workers meeting in Edelira. About 25 or 30 pastors and local gospel workers attended. This was not a camp or general meeting. Bro.Samuel, pastor in Encarnacion invited only the local gospel workers for a time of Bible study and fellowship.

Bro. Samuel was very encouraged in regards to the turn out. Almost all the pastors that were invited attended the meetings. There were representatives from about 6 different meetings. Encarnacion, San Juan del Parana, Edelira 21, Edelira 28, Iruña, and San Cosme. These are all local assemblies in the South Eastern part of Paraguay, they all embrace the Pauline message.

We started Friday afternoon about 4pm and ended Sunday at noon. We had a total of 8 hours of lessons. That is 8 hours of actual Bible study apart from the singing and prayer.

Sunday morning, after the final lesson, Bro. Samuel gave opportunity for testimonies and all expressed how deeply grateful they were for the opportunity and how refreshed and encouraged and challenged they had been. All expressed a desire for this to be repeated next year but, if at all possible, for it to be a five day event. There is talk about expanding the buildings in Iruña and possibly having a larger workers meeting there next year.

Years ago, we had a yearly workers meeting in Villarrica that lasted a week. When the work in Paraguay began, they would have a month long meeting. This was the Bible School for the pioneer pastors and workers in Paraguay. Bro. Samuel would like to have such a meeting, at least for the workers in the Encarnacion area. We have also discussed with Bro. Fide the possibility of having a workers meeting at the Isla Vega camp.

Please keep these projects in your prayers. The local pastors and gospel workers really need this time of fellowship and Bible study. Pray that the Lord would open doors and give us wisdom.

My personal prayer more and more is just, "Lord, give me wisdom!"

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