Friday, May 2, 2014

Hebrón - May 2014

Hebron - May 2014
You may be wondering what or who Hebrón is. Hebron from Genesis 13:18, is the place where Abraham built an altar to the Lord after Lot separated from him. The meaning of the name is communion. It is also a place just outside of Caazapa, purchased by the assembly there, and where they have a place to meet for special occasions where they do not want to use the church building.

This is translated from an email I just received from Sis. Alicia Ocampos:

The idea for a special event for the young people originated at the ladies prayer meeting in considering that the young people are always willing to volunteer in all the church activities and events.

The ladies prepared chipa for breakfast and sopa paraguaya and roasted pig and chicken thighs along with potato salad and cabbage salad and juice and cake for dessert. The young people were completely free to sit with their Bibles and study something that would be useful for their daily lives.

The lesson was on "A Pure Life; detecting the enemies of true love". There were 25 main points to read and consider in a group setting. There were some 45 young people divided in two groups with a leader for the boys and another leader for the girls group. Then there would be a debate between the two groups as they reach their conclusions. We began at 9:00 and ended just before noon.

It was truly a good time; the young people participating with their questions and doubts. They demonstrated a genuine interest and openness in learning.

One of the recommendations was that young people need to practice sports and healthy physical activities. So the boys requested to have the afternoon off to play at Beraca (a country estate owned by one of the families where many of the families spend their Sunday afternoons; it's also Berachah from 2 Cro 20:26 and it means 'blessing') so we postponed the debate for Friday afternoon.

There is much ink in the well (a saying) to continue at a future day with themes such as; incest, rape, bullying and more.

We thank the Lord for the great group of young people! May the Lord keep them till He comes.
Thanks you for praying for us.

Alicia Ullon Ocampos

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