Monday, April 14, 2014

Cleanning Day at Camp - April 2014

This time we had a full crew working. I would say 50 or more from Caazapa. A group from Loma Hovy who mostly cut the grass. One family from Asuncion and another 50 or more from Villarrica. Amazing how much they got done in one day! The weather was perfect! After all the rain on Friday and even some drizzle on Saturday we were not sure who much we would be able to do. The road was another concern but it was absolutely dry. It was a bit on the cold side. I wore a jacket on the way there but once I started moving around a bit I took it off but most wore jackets all day.

Loida was not allowed to work but she did go around taking pictures.

Ok! So I'm bias! 

The diesel moter that runs the compressor that pumps the water up to the tank went out so they rigged up the tractor to do the job. Paraguayan engineering :-)

Alicia Ocampos...don't ask me about the hat...ask Alicia :-)

Lucy fixing breakfast - tortillas frita.

Laura Galeano cleaning the bathrooms.

Every pot, pan and pitcher and kitchen utensil must be washed.

Tio Ambrosio cutting the grass with an electric mower.

Erma excited about her new wood stove and work area.

Even Sister Ignacia was working! (she has lost most of the use of her right arm and leg due to a stroke)

Ambrosio and Reinita Navarro.

Yoyito putting a roof over the "tata cua" (brick oven).


Cuteness overload! Pikies boy, Josias

Spreading out the rubble for the cement floor.

Liliana, Milciades, Fide and Ruben taking a break.

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