Monday, February 24, 2014

February Newsletter

Will try to get off this newsletter before March arrives. We have been on the go for the last two weeks. We started with a retreat in Posadas, Argentina Monday, February 10th through the 13th. We had four hours of Bible study in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and then an evening service. A total of 18 hours of Bible study in four days. It was a time of real refreshing in the word and with brothers and sisters that, for the most part, we had never met. The pastor and his wife, Marcos and Monica Cabrera, were Bible School students back in 1985. About 18 people came from Claypoles, Buenos Aires where Bro. David Barrionuevo is pastoring.

Monday and Tuesday in Posadas was miserably hot. Loida and I are still not used to the heat here, but even the people here say that this is not normal. I'm fairly sure it had to be 110º F in the hall where they held the meetings. The ceiling fans were almost useless. Loida and I used a cooling bandana around our necks and a hand held fan. We are now looking into other cooling methods. If we continue to do this much traveling there are several things that we need to consider. A good nights sleep is indespensable and having some of the comforts of home is essencial. It did rain Wednesday afternoon and night and things cooled down considerably. 

We headed back to Paraguay Thursday, arriving with rain. We weren't sure about heading directly to Calle 2 Thursday night on account of the rain, but after consulting with people in the area we decided to give it a try. As we arrived at the turn off for San Cosme it started to rain cats and dogs and I think some other animals also (thank the Lord for Rainex). As we turned off the asphalt onto the red clay dirt road it had stopped raining so hard. We decided to give it a try and we arrived at the church without any problem.

In Calle 2, despite the rain, many people showed up for the Friday afternoon and evening services. We started at 4pm with an evening service at 8:00. Saturday we had three morning messages, one afternoon message and the evening service. Sunday we had two messages and a young lady accepted Christ as Savior.  After lunch Loida and I headed out for Encarnacion.

Monday and Tuesday we had evening services in Encarnacion and Wednesday in San Juan del Parana. A yound lady accepted Christ in San Juan. Thursday we headed out to Edelira 20 (Edelira is the community, 20 kilometers from the Monday River) where we had an evening service and slept the night. Friday afternoon we went to Edelira 28 (Yes, that's 28 kilometers from the Monday River) where we had supper and then an evening service. We returned to Edelira 20 to sleep.

Saturday we headed to Iruña where we had a 4:00 service followed by an evening service. We spent the night in Iruña and had a morning service with two messages followed by lunch and, at their request, another 2:00 service. After that we headed to Ciudad Del Este where Loida's parents live.

In our absence from Villarrica they had a baptismal service this past Sunday. We would very much have like to have been there but are glad for the 30 people that made this step of obedience. Next week the Lord willing we will head to Asuncion to try to get my immigration paperwork on track and also some doctor appointments.

The Lord is at hand! Don't waste your time on meaningless things. Earnestly seek and follow His will.

May the Lord bless you!

Randy & Loida Crook

Above: in Iruña. We were scheduled to have two messages Sunday morning but they asked us if we could also have an afternoon meeting. We decided to meat outside because it was a little cooler outside than in the church building.

Above: In front of the church building in Calle 2. This is where Brother Anastacio ministered for many years. 

Above: Lunch in Calle 2.

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