Saturday, November 2, 2013

On the go...

Just a quick update. May not get to post the details until after our trip to Buenos Aires. We left Villarrica on Friday for special meetings in Franco with Bro. Arce. Friday and Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sunday night at Bro. Braulio's. Monday we went to Iguazu, Argentina to get our passport stamped (we have been in Paraguay over 90 days now). 

Tuesday we headed out to O'Leary with Bro. Esteban Paniagua. We had services every night in a different place from Tuesday to Friday. We had no cellular service since Tuesday. I had purchased a SIM card for Tigo (a cellular provider) but forgot to take it. We would have had service if I had taken our Tigo SIM. 

Yesterday a 13 year old girl committed suicide. The daughter of a brother in Km 31 Ciudad Del Este. We stopped by last night around 11pm and had a short service with them (they had no one to hold a service for them). Today we are heading back for the burial and then we will have services, tonight and Sunday morning in Km10 where Bro. Esteban is pastoring.

From there to Villarrica Sunday afternoon and then we leave for Buenos Aires Wednesday night late. Richard Paniagua, the young man that accepted Christ with me, called and said that his wife wants to change her ways and that she wants to talk with me. We are to meet Tuesday. 

Bro. Benjamin Cadogan, pastor in Cnel. Oviedo, is supposed to meet with me on Tuesday also to discuss a proposed evangelistic outreach there at the church in Oviedo. He also wants study material. Please pray for Benjamin. He is young and has a very difficult row to howe. 

For your faithful prayers we are very grateful!

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