Thursday, November 14, 2013

Buenos Aires

We arrived in Buenos Aries Thursday about 7:00 PM, going directly to Bro Charlie's house. We traveled with an aunt of Loida's, Febe and two young ladies from the Caazapa meeting; Lucy Ullon and Lorena Alvarenga. Services started in Claypole, Bs. As. Friday evening at 7:30 PM. We had services Saturday with the first lesson starting at 9:00 AM. Three hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and then the evening service. There was a very good turnout with people from about six different meetings. Sunday we started at 8:00 with a total of 5 messages ending about 2:30 PM. We also had the Lord's Supper.

Bro. Marcos Cabrera and his wife, Monica, from Posadas, Argentina gave the word both in the morning and afternoon services. Marcos and Monica were Bible Schools students and have a meeting in Posadas, Argentina. I have not seen them in over twenty years. They have two girls and a boy. Both Marcos and Monica are very capable Bible teachers.

The pastor in Claypoles is Bro. David Barrionuevo along with his wife Veronica.. They have two girls, Raquel and Johana and a little boy Emanuel. Bro. David has been printing and distributing the monthly Magazine El Glorioso Evangelio for many years. Along with a Bro from the meeting there, they have set up a small print shop where they are printing, not only the magazine, but also some of the Bible Studies made available online through the EGE Ministires website: This is the first time that Bro. David has had this kind of fellowship meeting where he has invited people from other assemblies. It was a very good time of fellowship around the Word.

Sunday afternoon I spoke in Bro. Paez's meeting in Florencio Varela, Bs.As. There was a very good turn out and a good spirit in the meeting. None of the people from this meeting were able to make it out to Claypoles.

Monday we headed down to the coastal town of Mar del Tuy├║ to spend a few days on the Atlantic Ocean. A lady in Bro. Charlie's meeting has a beach house there that she let us use. We had a good time at the different beaches and viewing a part of the country that we had never seen. We also visited a family (David and Yanina Lobos) that has started a meeting in their home. They heard the Pauline message while living in Resistencia, Argentina. They currently have no contact with other grace meetings and are very hungry for the Word. They, like so many others we have come in contact with, asked if there was any kind of Bible School were they could learn the Pauline message. We continue to pray that the Lord will enable us to provide some kind of systematic Bible study, especially for those who have a call for public ministry.

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