Monday, November 25, 2013

Back Home from Bs.As.

We knew in theory that we needed a refuge to come back to; but we had no idea just how refreshing and relaxing and peaceful it is to come back home to our little apartment. After being gone the weeks of October 25th through the 3rd of November and then leaving for Buenos Aires on the 6th, for a total of 31 days away from home, it is good to be home.

We left for Buenos Aires at 11:30pm on November the 7th along with three other passengers. Once again we are grateful to the Lord for providing us with a large vehicle. With a total of five passengers with luggage for two weeks we were packed to the hilt...(that's what I thought until we packed to come back home 😃). We went through Posadas, Arg. on highway 14 all the way to Zarate where you grab highway 9 into Buenos Aires and to Monte Chingolo.

The previous post explains our activities the first few days. When we got back from the coast we went to La Colonia for service on Wednesday and then, Thursday 7pm through Sunday we had services in Monte Chingolo. Friday and Saturday we had services starting at 4pm and Sunday we had two services in the morning; a sermon and then the Lord's supper. Bro. David Barrionuevo spoke the first hour Friday and Saturday. I spoke the rest of the time. 

Sunday afternoon we had a service where Bro. Lito Aragon is the pastor. Many from the different meetings were there. We had a good time of fellowship afterwards with some of the pastors. Bro. Sergio from La Colonia is planning on having a camp in January. We are praying for the leading of the Holy Spirit to return in January to minister the word.

Monday we packed and shopped and ran some errands and then headed out from Buenos Aires at exactly 7pm. We drove all night to Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, much of it through rain, arriving about 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday at Elva Romero's home. Elva was a Bible School student and is pastoring the church next to her house there in Resistencia. We showered and I was able to rest for a few  minutes while Elva prepared lunch for us. After a delicious lunch of ñoquis, we heading out for Herradura, Arg.

We arrived in Herradura about 4pm with more rain. They had cancelled services on account of the rain and they thought we would not be coming. They immediately started calling people and we did have a 5pm service with many turning out despite the weather. 

In total we were gone to Argentina 13 days. We traveled over 2,400 miles and visited seven seperate meetings, preached 13 messages and ate way to much food! The brethren in Buenos Aires are very generous   and so we came back home with many natural blessing to. Like salami... it really is better than it looks!

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