Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Villarrica Building Plans

Figured I'd share some of the church building plans for Villarrica. The church property was purchased back in 1998 and construction began on the parsonage in June 1999. The parsonage was built on the South West corner of the lot and was first used for a meeting place. Construction continued on the North West corner of the property of what, one day, is to be class rooms for Sunday School. Both buildings were prepared for a second story. The far North West portion of the building is currently being used for services and this part of the building is prepared for a third floor.

The center and front portion of the lot was left for the future church building. Since most of the finances and labor have gone into the Isla Vega camp ground and buildings for the last 15 years, the church building was never finished. About three years ago Fide and I began discussing plans for a church building and I offered the services of Kendall (I'm such a good brother). Kendall spent, I don't know how many hours, creating the first set of plans for the church building. The plans were submitted to the local municipality for approval around Nov 2010. Since the church, as a not-for-profit, was also requesting a waiver of the construction fee as stipulated by law, the plans never went through. In the States we have red tape, here I think it's more like a red blanket or something.

Last year Fide began working with Kendall on another set of plans based on input from the assembly and church board. Long story short, since the first set of plans never went through, they decided to withdraw those plans and submit the new plan along with the fee. Approval was granted immediately and cunstruction has begun.

These are the current building plans as drawn by Kendall (

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