Friday, September 13, 2013


We finally made it up north to Santani. We drove up early Saturday morning and visited with Bro. Enrique Ullon and then left for Capiibary in the afternoon. Santani is about 143 Km (88 miles) north of Villarrica and then Capiibary is back south and then East of Santani about 88 miles.

Efigenio Bento

Capiibary or Finap, as we used to call it, was nothing more than a jungle when Dad visited it some 25 years ago. At the time, Bro. Enrigue and his family were living there in tents made of sheets of black plastic . When they moved to Santani back in 2011, they started visiting their old stomping grounds and found several families of believers still there who had not assembled together in the name of Jesus in over 20 years. They started visiting and on our trip there Loida counted 34 people and we were told that 10 (2 families) were not there that day. We had a really good service with much freedom in the Spirit. When Enrique was living there, they had set aside a piece of land for the purpose of building a church someday. After changing hands more than once, the same piece of land was again donated and dedicated for a church building. They have the metal frame and roof ready (donated by the brethren in Caazapa) and will now lay the foundation and purchase the bricks for the walls. Please pray that the Lord would supply all that is needed.

Santani - Enrique Enrique and Maria

Sunday morning we had services in Santani and again, with much liberty in the Spirit. We also celebrated the Lord's supper for the first time since Bro. Enrique took over as pastor in September, 2011. Santani is a congregation of about 50. After service we celebrated Enrique's birthday.

In the afternoon we were to drive to San Jose Obrero for a 3pm service but since it is dirt road and it had started to rain, and looked like it would continue for some time, we headed on to Villarrica to be with the Amarilla family in the passing of sister Bona (Sara Crook's mom).

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