Thursday, September 19, 2013

Heading to Isla Vega

We keep going from cold to hot; from rainy to dry. The 2013 youth retreat starts this evening and we are taking clothes for cold, hot and rainy weather. Never know this time of year. Loida spent all day yesterday and today washing, ironing and preparing clothes, bedding, food and whatnot. I have been preparing lessons mostly.

We are praying for a time of refreshing and establishing of hearts in the truth. We are also praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This camp is much smaller than the January or May camps that are general family camps. This camp is for ages 14 and older and for young couples without children.

We are also praying about a trip to Herradura, Argentina the 29th. Please pray for the Lord's leading in this trip. There are so many situations in the different meetings and we need the leading of the Holy Spirit as to where we will be usefull. Need? Need is everywhere. It's a matter of where the Holy Spirit wants us to be. Almost on a daily basis we get calls requesting that we visit this or that assembly or to be made aware of this or that need. We have only one thing to offer, the word of God under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. But there are times and places where the hearts are not prepared to recieve. May the Lord, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit guide us in all things!

We would also covet your prayers in regards to our residency paperwork. We would like to get started on that process after camp. Every aspect of government here works very different than in the States. Pray that the Lord would give us favor in the eyes of the authorities so that our paperwork will go through without problems. One person, an ex-classmate of mine and now a lawyer, told me that it would cost over $1000.00 to process my paperwork. We are praying that it be MUCH less than that and that the Lord would open every door that needs to be opened.

All our love and prayers,
Randy & Loida Crook

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