Thursday, August 15, 2013

VBS In Caazapa

We woke up at 5:20am on the coldest morning since we arrived in Paraguay. At least 30 degrees this morning with frost on the ground. We drove the 44 miles to San Juan to pick up a load of kids and from there another 40 miles to Caazapa.

Breakfast for everyone at 8:00 in Guajo, Caapaza; a community just outside of Caazapa where the church has a property with a large builidng where they hold special events like this. Bro. Genaro, the pastor, also has planted fruit trees and vegetables and the indespensable mandioca.

Seven children accepted the Lord as Savior in the morning class. We are so grateful for the opportunity that the Lord provides for these children. The class and such where very similar to what Anna prepares for VBS but without the flannel graph.
We all ate lunch together with cake and everything. The brothers and sisters from Caazapa provide everything; and they do all the work. It was a lot of work but the children were very blessed.

Please pray that the Lord will confirm his word in their hearts and lives. Some of these children come from homes where neither parent knows the Lord as Savior. Pray that they will continue in the word and that they will be a testimony to their parents.

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