Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Setteling In

We slept in our new apartment for the first time on Monday night. We are amazed at how quickly we were able to get moved in; but then, we had a lot of help. A special thanks to Fide and Laura and the kids for all their help. Christina also came over and helped us with the painting and such. We did a bit more than we intended to do, but it is always good to get these things done before moving in.
We painted the entire apartment in a light baige color; arena (sand) was the name of the color. It realy brought out the color of the tile floor and the kitchen cabinets, bedroom armoire and even the sofas. Speaking of sofas. The apartment that we ended up getting is where a cousin of Loida's was living. She moved back in with her folks and told us that we could use any of her furniture or kitchen appliances that we needed. Praise the Lord! We did not have to purchase a washer or refrigerator! We also now have the use of a small round table with four chairs and the couch and two matching chairs. We did purchase a dryer and microwave and mattress with a base.
Tuesday we went out and purchased a dresser, two night tables, an armoire and a kitchen cabinet. We replaced some of the light fixtures and added several more. The lighting in all the rooms was terrible. Almost every room was prepared for an extra light but they were never installed. Many odds and ends to get things in shape. We have been very busy with all this but now we can enjoy our space.
It is a little strange...and very wonderful for it to be just Loida and me in the house :-)  For the last seven months we have been traveling and living with other people...wonderful people, but other people. While in the States we stayed with Bro. David in Kansas City and with mom and dad in Denver. Here in Paraguay, when we were not traveling, we stayed with Loida's aunt and uncle (Ambrosio and Reinita).
We also got our cell phone taken care of as our plan had expired while we were Stateside. We had to get a new number. We have also applied for a land line and for DSL internet.
The Lord willing, tomorrow we will head to San Juan, Rosario and Caazapa. The building project in San Juan is on hold until they get plans approved and can start digging the foundation. They do have the metal structure ready to set up on the foundation. They will be starting with the Sunday School building. I will post plans of the building project ASAP so that you can see what we are talking about. They will use this building for meetings until they can build the church building in front.
Several have accepted Christ as savior in the small community of Rosario since we were last there in March with mom and dad and the Barkley's, Gravitt's and Bro. David. We look forward to visiting there along with Alicia and Macario.

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