Thursday, August 8, 2013

More about Rosario

More photos from Rosario, Caazapa Paraguay. 

Basically, on the way to Caazapa you turn left onto a dirt road that then turns into not much more than a cow path. This leads you to a large communal pasture where there are a few houses scattered. The property where we are holding meetings is a communal property that was purchased but has no title.

Alicia preparing for service. Macario and Alicia bring chairs, Bibles and anything else that they might need for services. The house is not a secure building and besides, they are supplying for three seperate congregations. Usually  they have service under the trees, but there was a bit of wind today.

To the left, some kind of parasite growing on this tangerine tree. They call it "old man's beard" in Guarani.

Tunning my guitar before service. Alicia tells me that the people realy enjoy singing but they usualy do not have anyone who plays an instrument. Alicia has been making photocopies of the song book to take each time. The Lord willing, next week we will purchase 10 song books and take with us.

These are all people that have accepted Christ  as Savior only this year. They meet only on Thursdays. Alicia preaches three times each Sunday; twice in San Juan and once in Buena Vista. Tuesdays in Buena Vista, Wednesday in San Juan, Thursday in Rosario and Caazapa, Saturday in San Juan. That is a total of 8 sermons per week. She shut down her store that she had run for many years and is now in full time ministry. Her husband, Macario is still running his own business.

Alicia had been giving a series of lessons on the attributes of God. At the last minute I felt led to change my message and start a series on prayer. After service, two of the adults expressed, and Alicia confirmed, that they had been asking about prayer and HOW to pray. Their Catholic background teaches them only to "rezar" (repetitive chanting). Please pray that these new believers lay hold of the truth and that they enter fully into the privalege of prayer.

This used to be the kitchen with an outdoor wood oven called a tatakua in Guarani.

Loida in front of the house where we hold meetings.

Alicia with her grandchild.

Macario got out to check a bad spot on the way to Caazapa.

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