Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Construction Started In Villarrica

Cunstruction technicaly started Monday of last week. Fide started doing some of the marking. And they started digging yesterday. We spent all day yesterday in San Juan. At this point, all the digging will be done by hand. Will try to keep y'all updated. :-)

Yoyito put together one of the foundation columns. 22  of these will go 1.5mt down with concrete poured around each one.

Fernando started out with a big smile and...actualy he finished with a smile! He is a hard worker!

Loida did more than I did! She is very determined when she get's something in her mind.

The engineers, Randy & Fide, overlooking the work. :-)

Bro. Matias came late, but maybe he can make up for it :)

Loida abandonded her coworker! :) This was suppossed to be "our" hole but I'm pretty sure that Fernando did most of the work :)

Ricardo and Marcelo were determined to finish 1mt deep. They made it to 1.10mt! Good job!!!

After some back breaking work a little mate.

No age limit for those who want to help ;)

Working together as a family! :-)

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