Friday, August 23, 2013

Cnel. Oviedo, Church plans and a funeral

Sounds like the title of a very strange book, but that is what has been going on for the last few days. Saturday night we traveled to Coronel Oviedo (50 Km straight north of Villarrica) for services where Bro. Benjamin Cadogan is pastoring. This is also the town where Bro. Doug Crook ministered part of the time they were here in Paraguay as missionaries.

We spent all day Sunday here in Villarrica as we wanted to be part of the meeting where Bro. Fide would present the plans for the new church building. Kendall had worked on plans over two years ago. There was much discussion and decision making before a final draft was approved and submitted to the local municipality for building permits. 

Marcelo and Ricardo (twin sons of Fide and Laura) created an awsome 3D model of the building using Google Sketch. It was a true to-scale model and you can walk in and arround the building.

Monday morning Fide and Yoyito (Abraham Galeano), a brother from the meeting and a builder began laying out the foundation markers so that we can begin digging. Some or all of the foundation will be dug out by hand. Fide´s boys started moving some of the rubble left over from previous building projects. I went over for a little bit but left the building to those who know what they are doing.

Loida´s uncle Papi (Teodoro Vera) passed away Wednesday morning and so we headed out to Asuncion about 4:00 taking several people with us. In Paraguay people are not usually embalmed when they die. Burial is expected to occur within 24 hours of death. Funerals happen when they happen and people drop everything and attend even traveling hundreds of miles sometimes. We spent the night in Asuncion and attended and spoke at the burial. I also spoke at the funeral home Wednesday night.

Loida's parents.

We headed back after the 3:00pm burial on Thursday and Loida was not feeling well. She spent all day today in bed but is doing much better now. We plan on heading to Santani tomorrow morning and will be visiting Finap Saturday afternoon, spend the night back in Santani and have service there Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we will visit San Jose Obrero, The Lord willing. Santani is straight North of Villarrica 144 km according to Google maps. 

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