Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our time in Cabrero, Chile

[written on the 13th] We are finally on our way back to Buenos Aires from Cabrero, Chile. It has been quite the adventure. Not sure when was the last time I traveled for 29 straight hours...oh, that's right, NEVER! I would say "never again", but we do need to get back home I guess. So, here we are, heading back home...well temporary home, back to Buenos Aires, another 20-some hours. I would still say, "never again" but I have learned not to say that. :)

OsvaldoOn our way there, after 18+ hours of driving, waiting in line at the border for about three hours, tired and grouchy, I thought, "What are we doing? We are traveling some 1,800 kilometers (1,118 miles), spending hundreds of dollars, wear and tear on our vehicle, wear and tear on our bodies, and for what?" For what? The simple answer is because the Lord told us to. We visited a brother whose congregation consisted of maybe a couple dozen. We had three services. Are we such great orators? Do we have that much to add? Does it matter how many people? Oh that we would see things as He sees them! He knows every heart. He knows every need. 

Bro. Daniel came to know The Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in Villeta, Paraguay through a series of events that he now sees as the hand of God. He then left his lucrative job there and headed back to his hometown in Chile along with his wife and three children to start a meeting. For seven years he heard nothing from anyone and went through much trial. I believe our visit was a huge encouragement for him. 

Mom and dad arrived the same night we did. They flew in from Santiago, and a brother who is the captain of a fishing vessel met them at the airport. We did not get to sleep until past midnight, but that is just the way things are here, and I guess we will get used to it some day.  The hospitality of Bro. Daniel and his family was excellent! We felt right at home. 

Our_bedroomI will not go into a lot of detail regarding their living conditions, but just say they are a very humble family with limited resources. Mom and dad and Loida and I slept in the same room, while Osvaldo slept in the car. I don't know where they all slept, because they had their son and his wife and child and also their daughter and her two children visiting, as well as their youngest son, who is still living at home. There were only two other bedrooms as far as I could tell. 

MariscalThe food was interesting. That's one way to put it anyway. On Sunday they prepared Mariscal, a local seafood and seaweed (yes, seaweed!) salad. It was, shall I put this? Ugh! I ate (well, at least swallowed) several spoonsful, but Loida wisely declined to eat any.  Thank goodness that was only the appetizer. It was followed by chicken and pork, potato salad, rice, and fresh tomatoes. 

Other than the Mariscal, the food was excellent, and for them Mariscal is a delicacy. The quantity and quality of fruit was amazing. On his property he has pears, peaches, apples, plums, raspberries, olives, grapes, and I don't know what all. Every day, we had plum, raspberry, and some other jams, along with honey.  

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