Friday, February 1, 2013

Letter from Alicia

An email that Alicia sent to dad the other day. I asked permission to use a portion of it. 

The Lord blessed us richly with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, fresh, new, pervasive, abundant and His Word that has been so very rich at this camp. We know that our Father always brings out of His treasure things new and old, but we are always what He gives.

It was my desire to write before traveling to Isla Vega on Wednesday, but I did not because I thought the best thing would be to do so after returning.

Personally I went to camp with many burdens concerning recent events and the many needs...but the Lord has given victory and I am rejoicing, renewed, thank the Lord!

I realize that the Lord confirms Randy's ministry in Paraguay. That is something that makes me so very happy and grateful to God. When Randy shared with me his decision to move to Paraguay, with some details of how it was that he made that decision, in my heart there was a sadness...a weight that I never told him so as to not negatively influence their decision. I felt like that seemed to mean, "in Paraguay await many struggles". Of course I prayed even more for this purpose, but now I am calm and very happy with what God gave us through His servant Randy at camp. I know some young people who were filled with the Holy Spirit and many who were touched and refreshed. 

Starting with the early morning prayer, there was such an anointing. That was already such a great blessing and to say nothing of the services. Praise Jesus! Thank God, our Father, for everything!

The Lord richly bless the wonderful cooks and all the staff who worked in the kitchen, because we were many. May the Lord bless their homes and lives to continue in their labor of love.

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