Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dad at Hipolito's - Florencio Varela

Dad spent Sunday at Bro. Hipólito's (Mariela Crook's uncle) in Florencio Varela. Dad performed five weddings after the morning service. (That brings the total of marriages performed by Dad in South America to 105.) Four of these were couples that have been married for many years but have never had a wedding or a public religious ceremony, including the pastor. They had a good service with many in attendance.

After lunch they had a prayer meeting with the young people and five were filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they had an evening service at 6pm. 

(From Virgil) - It is 11 o'clock in the morning. I'm sitting outside with a jacket on; it has been raining a bit, and it has cooled off considerably. It is 64 degrees, cool for this time of the year in Buenos Aires. All of the services to this point have been anointed. I have preached in 12 different services thus far. Today we are going to start a series of meetings in Chingolo, Argentina. There will be three services each day until Sunday. There will be two services Sunday morning. Sharon and I will be in services with another congregation Sunday night. We will leave for Tucuman, Argentina on Monday, the 25th. It will be an 18 hour trip, about 700 miles.

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