Friday, February 8, 2013

Bahía Blanca

No Internet or cell phone since noon today. It is now 10:00PM and I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms.  :-)  We have been incommunicado the whole trip. Bro. Osvaldo Nakasone has been doing all of the driving so far.

Major change of plans. We were to travel NW to Mendoza where we would cross over into Chile, and then head to Santiago to pick up mom and dad from the airport. As it is, we had to head SW to Neuquen where we will cross the border and end up in Concepcion. The reason for the change is that torrential rains in the Mendoza area have caused mud slides up in the mountains, which have closed both of the passes in that area. We are so grateful for Bro. Osvaldo, who was keeping informed of the road conditions. He says that usually they have the passes cleared in a matter of hours, but to make sure, he called the highway information line and was told that they don't even have an estimated time for opening the pass yet. 

I was able to talk with dad before we left, and they were able to purchase two-way plane tickets from Santiago to Concepcion. 

The drive has been beautiful, somewhat like Kansas or Missouri. Cattle land, but the grass is amazing! Tall, lush and green. It looks like you could have a million cows eating and it wouldn't make a dent on the plains. But then, what I understand about cattle would fit in a thimble. 

We are taking a lot of pictures, but will have to upload them later. We pray that our visit will be an encouragement and blessing to brother Daniel and the congregation there. This brother accepted the Lord in Villeta, Paraguay, and then felt led to move to Chile, his native land. 

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