Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our first day

Fide, Ricardo and Marcelo picked us up at the airport along with Jose Nessi and Lisa, Abel, Gabbi and Lucas. We tried to get Loida's Paraguayan ID cards done but the wait would have been too long. Instead we got a bite to eat and headed out to Villarrica after picking up a couple of our boxes from Jose Nessi's business.

In Villarrica we got our cell phones activated but still haven't figured everything out. I thought that I could use my iPhone to create a hotspot but that did not work. So our blog, which we write on our iPad was not able to go live as expected. We will look into another option tomorrow. 

Part of the reason we rushed to Villarrica was so that Loida could sign the paperwork for our new vehicle. Long story short, the paperwork was not ready but Loida was able to sign anyway. The rest will be done on Monday. This is not at all uncommon for Paraguay.

We then stopped by the tire shop and finally got to see the vehicle that we had purchased. It is a beautiful, 8-passenger, diesel van. We don't really want this large a vehicle, but feel it is necessary, especially with all the traveling we will be doing the first few months. 

We finally arrived at our uncle's house and took a cold shower. It is hot but not miserable. Tia Febe fixed some special home made empanadas, and Fide and Laura were over for a wonderful time of food and fellowship. 

I'm lying here in bed, unable to sleep and pondering on our lives. I look down the road and see nothing. We have everything planned out for the next three months, but after that nothing. But, even with those plans, it's like each day now is a blank sheet of paper and as I consider it I am excited about what God has planned for each day. I guess all our lives are that way but it just seams so clear right now. 

It doesn't seem strange and yet it's quite unfamiliar. We do not feel like we are home, and yet we are comfortable. Does that make sense? We're more keenly aware that we don't know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow. We cast ourselves on His unfailing grace and, as I pray you already know, He is so awesomely faithful and abundant!

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