Friday, October 26, 2012


We knew, when we answered the call to move to Paraguay, that the process would be difficult. I thought that after telling the GCC congregation that things would be easier emotional, but it has not been. We love our church family very much.

As we began to pack emotions ran high. "So-and-so gave us this". "Can we take this"? "Should we store this"? And on and on it goes.
Who would have thought that we would also be learning so many lessons? Loida and I have always tried to NOT accumulate things. "Tried" being the operative word there. We have gone through boxes that we brought when we moved from Topeka in 2008!

We have categorized everything we own into four piles;
1) things to take with us to Paraguay
2) things to store here
3) things to give away and
4) trash

We have started to pack thing in suitcases and army duffel bags and now we are packing several boxes that we will ship down in a container. A company in New York ships containers down to Paraguay on a regular basis. We will not be shipping any furniture or electric appliances at this time.

In this process we have learned that we are more attached to some things than we thought. We also learned that there is really very very little that we truly need. We are also learning something of the purifying process that the Lord takes us through from time to time.

At times we can be quick to say "here am I Lord" but when He begins to say; "ok, now you need to leave this and get rid of that"...well that's another story. Lord, help us to listen! Lord help us to be truly willing!

Following the Lord's will for our lives is very practical. If we are not willing with ALL things to part...well, we will learn or loose out on His perfect will. His will takes us through the Valley of Baca but it also takes us to a closeness of fellowship that we had not experienced before.

In our practical Christian walk maybe its time to do some sorting. Things that need to be trashed; gotten rid of completely from our lives. Things that we need to identify as temporary and only a part of this life; hold on very loosely. And then the things that we need to carefully "pack" for our upward journey; fellowship with Christ, serious Bible study, a fuller surrender to His will.

Looking back I realize that through my study of the Nazarite in Numbers chapter 6 the Lord was preparing my heart for this. Giving up the pleasures whether sinful or not. The small things. The apparently insignificant things that rob us from more of Him. Bro. Doug gave a lesson on "the little foxes" a while back. For several months the Lord has been showing me how much time and energy and finances we waste on the little things. Satan will use your spouse, children, work or absolutely anything to distract us. Not everyone is called to full time ministry but we do need to examine our lives and sort out the things that are distracting us and ask the Lord "what would you have me to do" (listen to Bro David's messeg on this)?