Sunday, October 7, 2012

Move To Paraguay

Randy & Loida Crook
On the road to Damascus the Lord Jesus Christ stopped Saul of Tarsus cold in his tracks.  His response to the heavenly vision was "Lord what would you have me to do?"

After much prayer, careful consideration and godly advice, the Lord has made it clear to us that we are to move to Paraguay for full time ministry.  We have been attending Grace Community Church in Kansas City for over 7 years and consider this our home.  Having previously spent ten years as pastor in Burlingame, Kansas, we were content to spend the rest of our lives here in Kansas City. It has been a privilege to sit under the ministry of brother David Franklin and I believe that the Lord has made us a blessing in the meeting.

Why Paraguay?

When the Lord first began to deal with my heart it was in regards to full time ministry; not in regards to moving to Paraguay. I was hoping that it would be for full time ministry here in the United States but it soon became clear that the Lord was leading us to Paraguay. It will come as no surprise to those of you who know us and know our love for the saints in Paraguay and Argentina.

In the natural, there is nothing in Paraguay that would attract us as far as living conditions are concerned. Financially, Loida and I have had very stable and well paying jobs; no doubt from the hand of God. We will both be resigning from our jobs and we have no promise of financial support as we step out in faith to do what the Lord has instructed us to do. What we do have is His promise that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Many have told me over the years; "there are needs here in the United States". Believe me, I know that! My reply is that it's not a matter of need; it's a matter of God's will. Having said that, yes, there is much need in Paraguay.

There are over 30 established meetings in Paraguay alone not counting the many home meetings. Many of these places do not have a local pastor or anyone that is prepared to give the word. These assemblies rely on visits from one of the established meetings and those visits are often very sporadic as the local pastor has his/her own congregation to attend to.

What will we be doing?

We will be living in Villarrica and I will submit to the ministry of brother Fidelino Galeano; even though I believe we will spend most of our time traveling and teaching in the different country meetings. There is such a need for encouragement and establishing the brethren in the grace of God; the fullness of the Pauline message.

I feel a burden for an infilling of the Holy Spirit among the young people. There are young people that are surrendering their lives to the Lord and need the encouragement and teaching of the word.
When will we be leaving?

Back in August some time the Lord made it clear to me that if we were to go to Paraguay that we would be there by January of 2013. At this time our plans are to be in Paraguay no later than January 22nd 2013 in time for the Isla Vega Family Camp.

There are a multitude of decisions to make and things to prepare. We have been living in the parsonage here at GCC and since both the church building and the parsonage are up for sale we may have to move before we move :-)

We must decide how much we are to take to Paraguay of our clothes and furniture and kitchen items and...well you get it. We are looking into the possibility of shipping a vehicle. Will it be beter to purchase in Paraguay or Chile or ship a vehicle from here. What kind of vehicle? etc. etc etc.

What about the GCC Family Camp?

It was the Lord who spoke to my heart in 2008 to start a family camp at GCC. In 2009 I approached brother David and as he had the same heart and mind, and after presenting this to the board, we began looking for a facility. We had our first camp in 2009 and every year thereafter.

I had no doubt that the Lord had given me this ministry and gift and I was not willing to give this up. Without going into all the detail I will simply say that the Lord had to deal with my heart but He also confirmed to my heart that I would continue as camp director for the GCC family camp and both brother David and the board have agreed unanimously.

The Lord willing, Loida and I will be returning to the US for a visit in May of 2013 in time for the Family Camp.

We really do covet your prayers at this time and your continued prayers as we endeavor to do God's will.

All our love in Christ,

Randy & Loida Crook

PS: Any offerings should be made out to EGE Ministries and in the memo please write "Paraguay".  Our permanent address in the United States will be:

EGE Ministries
c/o Randy Crook
6022 Nelson St
Arvada, CO. 80004
United States

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