Friday, February 3, 2012

Airport - home

AIRPORT - home
Fide took us to the airport Friday morning, along with Noemi and Eli and Victor drove from CDE to be with us, also with Lilia (Loida’s mom).

We are beyond grateful for the love shown by all the brethren in Paraguay and Argentina.  They truly know how to make one feel special (we are a little spoiled).  We are grateful for the many who remain faithful to the Pauline teaching; for those who are going on with the Lord, fighting the good fight of faith.  For the moving of the Holy Spirit in every service.  For the going forth of the Word of God that does NOT return to him void.  For the many, many lives that were touched and changed by the Word of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit.  For those who received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  For those who accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  For the good weather.  For the abundance in everything in every way.  For the faithfulness of God.  For the love and prayers and offerings of the saints here at home.

More than one has asked me; “why do you make these trips?” or “why do you (Virgil, EGE) print and distribute the monthly magazine “El Glorioso Evangelio?”  

My answer:  First of all, we make these trips in obedience to the Lord; that alone is enough.  As I said before, even if there were no visible results, what is done in obedience to the leading of the Lord is always fruitful.  

Second, maybe it’s the culture or maybe the saints there have not come to the place of being “rich” and having “need of nothing”, but they deeply appreciate “good news from a far country”; they long for a visit from those who will bring a Spirit anointed, truth grounded, message.  We have seen and heard testimony, over and over again of the good work of the Holy Spirit through these visits and through the magazine.

There are many, many places in Paraguay and Argentina that have no pastor.  They will receive a visit now and then from one of the local pastors, but other than that they rely on “El Glorioso Evangelio” for their teaching.  They rely on as few as one or two visits a year from someone that will bring them the “whole counsel of God”.

I have had a conviction for some time that “strengthening the souls”, as Paul did during his repeated visits to the churches, is what the Lord has called us to do with these visits and what the Lord has enabled Bro. Virgil to do through the monthly magazine “El Glorioso Evangelio”.  Literally in every place I visited one or more would come up to me and give testimony of the value of “El Glorioso Evangelio”.  Some who have radio broadcasts are doing nothing more than reading the magazine on air.  I have heard testimonies of conversions and of entire congregations that are embracing the Pauline doctrine after reading “El Glorioso Evangelio”.

Those who support the ministry of EGE through prayer and financial gifts are not supporting an individual; are not supporting a “movement”, but are supporting the propagation of “the whole counsel of God”.  In your obedience, you are sharing in our obedience to “boldly make known the mystery of the gospel”.

In these last days we do see a turning away from truth; not only in the preaching of the gospel, but also in the financial support.  We do not spend much time lamenting this fact, but are grateful and rejoice and praise God for the many who ARE supporting and praying and loving the Pauline doctrine.

It is my earnest prayer that more and more of God’s people will lift up their eyes and see that “the fields are already white for the harvest” and that we would say “here am I”; in whatever capacity, in whatever way that “the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified”.