Monday, January 23, 2012

Herradura - Argentina

HERRADURA (horseshoe)
We arrived a little late in Herradura as the first service was scheduled for 10:00am and we got there about 10:45. I turned a sermon "According To The Pattern" into a small series (not on purpose).  There was such a liberty of spirit in the meeting.  The pastor and others expressed over and over again how grateful they were for our visit.  They had been praying earnestly that we would stop there for a visit.  They have been through a lot and really needed the encouragement of fellowship around God's word.

Later that afternoon a family from "La Colonia" (the Japanese community where we had camp last year, outside of Buenos Aires) arrived in their large van.  The Rejas family are from Bolivia, but have lived for many years in Argentina.  They stayed the night and left with us in the morning for Paraguay and the Isla Vega camp.

The small church in Herradura started with a family in a run down building.  After a very strong wind blew the building down, they lost hope, but as they shared the "tragedy" with others, they all said: "good, now you can build a real building!".

A brother (in the wheelchair; green shirt) donated the piece of land and they started building.  Some wanted to build a small building, but the pastor decided on a 6x17 meter (20' x 56').  Bro. Jara, the pastor,  assured them that the building would be done by the end of the year.  As it was only one family with no resource, most made fun of him, but they did finish the building and even started on some outdoor bathrooms.  They have left room for adding a large room for storage, kitchen and lodging.

The singing was very special.  They sing REALLY LOUD!  The first special was a "choir" (most of the congregation) and part of the song was. "There was a loud noise in heaven saying: Holy! Holy! Holy!"  They sang a cappella and it was fantastic!

One of the most amazing things happened during my stay there.  The temperature was in the upper 90's during the day and inside that small church, under a tin roof, not more than 10' high, windows on only one side; the temperature must have been at least 100 or 110.  The fans helped only to circulate hot air; much like a convection oven.  I was sure I would need both handkerchiefs and then some to mop my sweat.  To my amazement, when I was done preaching two 60 minute sessions, I had barely broken a sweat!  Is God good or what?  I didn't ask for that!  He just gave me such a refreshing; not just in the natural but in my Spirit.

The services were very anointed and I was very blessed to be there.