Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Couples Retreat - 2011

(The following is in part from an email from Sis. Alicia Ocampos and from conversations with both Alicia and Fide.)

This past Sunday, October 30th the young people from Caazapa hosted a Couples Retreat in Baraca, Caazapa.  Baraca is a ranch that belongs to one of the brothers in Caazapa.  The young people made all the preparations and they also did all the cooking for the Retreat.  They also provided daycare with Bible classes for the children.  Over 65 people attended the Retreat plus children plus the young people who did the cooking and children classes.

They started around 8:00AM and went through lunch and finished about 2:30pm.  Fide and Alicia both brought a short message in the morning and then they split everyone into groups.   Alicia prepared over 50 questions as a group project and as a group they discussed and shared and compared scripture with scripture regarding each question.

There was even some weeping in some groups as their eyes were opened to old truth made new.  Alicia had shared the questions with me and there was much to consider and very practical questions.  She also provided scripture with each question so that the discussions would be Bible bassed.  Many expressed how much they got out of the meeting and what a blessing it was to their lives.

Alicia and Fide went around from group to group helping and commenting and answering questions.  Bro. Genaro also helped as a participant with one of the groups.

How wonderful it is to hear about how the young people stepped up and took initiative and action.  Not just talking about how nice it would be to do this but they themselves doing all that was necessary to pull things together.

We rejoice in what the Lord is doing and continue to pray, not just for Paraguay, but for all couples everywhere.  Satan seams to be intensifying his attack on the family in these last days.  We are grateful for the leading of the Spirit in providing this kind of opportunity to God's people.  Much dammage has been done among God's people by unfaithfulness in marriage, especially those who are in public ministry.  May we continue to pray and do as the Spirit leads that families might be strengthened and established in the truth.

View a slide show of some of the pictures Fide took.

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