Wednesday, February 2, 2011

San Juan, Finap and Caazapa

Sunday afternoon, after camp, we headed back to Villarrica and then to San Juan Nepomoseno with Mom and Dad for an evening service.  It was as we arrived in San Juan that we learned of Grandma Kimble's passing.  We were able to call and talk to Gordon via gtalk (Internet call).  A difficult time but God's grace and comfort were very real.  We went ahead with services and Dad spoke.  After service we had BBQ.  On the way out of town we stopped by and saw the new property donated for a future church building.  It was dark so there was not much to see.

Monday morning early we headed out again with Fide to visit a new meeting about 150 miles north of Villarrica.  The area is known as Finap the locality is known as San José Obrero, Capiibary.  Again, Dad spoke at a 10:00AM service.  Brother Pedro (Peter), who is in charge of the meeting there has not been to a Bible school or even had the opportunity to sit under an established ministry.  Bro. Pedro was a Catholic teacher in Yhovy where Bro. Enrique (Bro. Genaros son) was for a time.  He was caught in a downpour one day and was forced to seek refuge at Enrique's.  Enrique lost no time in testifying to him about redemption and he accepted the Lord on the spot.  Please pray that the Lord would establish both Pedro and this meeting in the truth.  While we were there Enrique, Pedro and I were called to pray for a neighbor who had a strange rash on his stomach.  The wife and husband were not saved, but after Enrique presented the plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, they accepted Christ as savior and we prayed for them.

After lunch we headed back to Villarrica and after a short rest, we headed to Caazapa.  Dad spoke in the evening service.  Loida and I gave a short testimony each.

There was a good turnout even thought it was a Monday and just after camp.  We had a good time of fellowship and a huge supper after service.  Bro. Genaro loves his asado (BBQ).  Caazapa has a special place in my heart as I ministered there with Bro. Genaro for two years.  Bro. Genaro and the congregation in Caazapa are helping to support and minister in over 5 different places, including San Jose Obrero.