Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home, funeral, car and more

Finally!  Some time to update this blog.  Sitting in my nice worm house, drinking mate :-) is good!

First of all, I will say again, it is good to be HOME!  We can always tell when we are back in the USA on account of the nice, wide, smooth, painted highways; cars that are not falling apart and have heating and air conditioning.  I am so grateful for a carpeted church (try kneeling on hard, cold concrete), comfortable benches and a wonderful, faithful, loving church family (the saints in SA are also that, but this is my HOME church family).  For a pastor that stands for, and faithfully preaches TRUTH.  How essential and yet, how rare to consistently hear the word of God rightly divided.

The last few days have been hectic and emotional.  After two weeks of nonstop preaching and traveling we arrived in Houston with Loida and Dad about 6:00AM Monday morning.  When we left B.A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Sunday night, 10:45PM, Dad did not have a boarding pass for the Houston - KC leg of our trip.  They informed him that he would have to get a boarding pass in Houston as there were no more seats on the flight.  They seem to be doing that more and more (overbooking).  In Houston, Dad had to wait for everyone to board and then they have him the last seat.  Loida and I kept looking to see if he got on our tiny little jet. We arrived in KC Monday 10:00AM...from 90+ degrees to about 10 degrees...what a shock!  We are grateful that so far, none of us have caught a cold.

Mom picked us up at the airport in our car and after arriving home we went through the luggage to distribute things we had brought for different people and to sort out our stuff from Dad's.  We had mixed things up a bit trying to fit things in to three checked bags of 50lbs.

Mom and Dad headed out to Burlingame and Loida and I continued to unpack and try to clean things up a bit.  We had nothing in the fridge, but Anna was so very thoughtful and kind and generous to purchase some milk and juice and she brought us a coffee cake.  I went to McDonalds and got us some lunch and then Abel came over to drop off Gabi.  By 2:30PM we headed out to pick up Lisa from her work in Olathe and from there to Burlingame for Grandma Kimble's visitation.  It was nice to see Bro. David and Marlene at the visitation as well as several that we had not seen in some time.  On the way down to Burlingame I noticed the steering was getting heavy and finally stopped and put some power steering fluid in.  That did not help and a mechanic in Scranton confirmed that the power steering was out.  We made it to Burlingame without a problem.

After the visitation we went over to Grandma Kimble's house to eat and practice a song.  I was not feeling well but figured it was just exhaustion.  We decided not the drive our car home and Gordon was kind enough to loan us his car.  Lisa drove most of the way home as I was falling asleep.

Tuesday, February 8th.  Up early...trying to figure out how to deal with our vehicle...towing, mechanic, insurance, warranty, etc. :-)  fun, fun, fun.   Back to Burlingame for the funeral...bitter cold.  Thank you Anna and kids, Phil and Gloria and the Barkleys for making the trip...for caring...for supporting our family at this time.  The grave side service was bitter cold but mercifully short.

About the car; long story short, Phil volunteered to drive our car to the dealer in Overland Park; I rode with Phil and Loida rode with Gloria in their car.  We dropped the car off and found out that it is no longer under warranty but that the problem was more than likely a recall.  Assured that it would not be done until Wednesday we headed out with Phil and Glory to an appointment that Phil had in the area.  As we were waiting for Bro. Phil I got a call from the dealer saying the car was done and ready to be picked up and that it WAS a recall!  The Lord is SO faithful even in the small things.  We drove back to the dealer and picked up the car!

All this time, since after the funeral I had been feeling TERRIBLE...without being to graphic...stomach and plumbing.  We got home about 6:30PM(?)... I drank some tea...then some more tea...then decided that I needed to "return" all the food I had eaten that day :-(   By the time Mom and Dad got home I was in bed and by 8:00 I was asleep.  Up again at 4:45AM to take Mom and Dad to the airport.  Back home and in bed by 6:30AM.  Loida went to work...I didn't.

By early afternoon on Wednesday I was feeling better and was grateful to be in Church again with the saints from Grace Community Church.

I will now post updates for the time in Paraguay and Argentina, but I will post them "post dated", so you will need to scroll down and read the "old" posts.  This will allow me to write in the present tense.