Monday, February 7, 2011


Charlie, pastor in Chingolo.
The fan on the dashboard reminded
me of one that I installed in our car
in Paraguay years ago.
Arrived in Ezeiza half an hour late.  Immigrations, bags, customs and an hour ride to the house where we would stay; over to Charlie's for a quick bite and to church.  We arrived in Bs. As. about 2:30PM and the first service started at 4:30PM.  Dad spoke the first hour and I took the second hour.  After about an hour break with a little something to eat and drink we started the evening services at 7:30PM where Dad spoke.  At the church in Chingolo, a suburb of Buenos Aires where Charlie is the pastor, we had more of a pastors convention Wednesday and Thursday.  Just afternoon services.  4 to 6 and then an evening services.  I gave a summary of "The Gospel of Paul".

Friday morning early we headed out the "La Colonia" a farming (vegetables) community south of Buenos Aires.  It is a beautiful site to see row upon row of lettuce, tomatoes, etc.  Many of the farmers in this area are Japanese, as are the owners of the property where the camp is held.   Having immigrated from Japan during WW2, the Nakasone family landed in Peru, and from there they moved to Argentina.  The grandfather, in photo, is from a Methodist background but has embraced the grace message.

Brother Sergio Nakasone is the pastor of the church in La Colonia (left).  Most of the congregation are of Japanese and Peruvian ancestry.  For about six years they held services in a make-shift...shack(?).  Last year they finished a very nice building (right) where they currently have meetings.  The front of the building is two stories with the second floor currently being used for classrooms.  Eventually they will add on to the back of the building and the second story will be used for office space and/or living quarters for a caretaker.

The first service at La Colonia started at 8:00AM.  Three hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  The evening services was an informal youth meeting as many did not stay for the night.  Dad gave a series on the "Prodigal Son" and I gave the same series as in Paraguay, "Perfection".  There was a good response with several testimonies of conviction and repentance.

I was glad to see Bro. Abel Matto and his family.  I traveled and ministered with Abel on several occasions in Paraguay.  He is originally from Villeta, Paraguay, where Sis. Munroe ministered for many years.  Abel married an Argentine girl, Cristina, who had been through the Bible School in Villarrica back in the late 80's.  After some time of broken fellowship, he has returned to the Lord and is being used by the Lord to minister in Buenos Aires and has made several trips to Chile.  He has planned a trip for May of this year but Bro. Daniel, pastor in Chile, has discouraged him for the time being as they are experiencing up to 10 tremors (not small) a day in that part of Chile.  There is much fear among the locals and much loss of property after the big earthquake in February of last year.  Please keep our brothers and sister of Chile in your prayers.