Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sound Equipment Ready

The twins helping
Finished setting  up the sound equipment least almost :-)   Started our day about 7AM and still going (11:32).  It seamed like one problem after another.  We would get one thing resolved and something else would not work.  I told Fide, imagine if we hadn't spent the last year talking, researching, testing and spending?!  Plus I managed to plug the sound compressor into 210Volt and it only works with, burnt it out.  I am exhausted and my back is killing me.

We are sitting here at Fide's waiting to celebrate Laurita's birthday.  Her birthday is January 22nd, always during camp, so she never seams to get a "proper" birthday.  We will now eat the cake as soon as we wake up Fide, who is sleeping in his chair.

Braulio, Virgil, Sharon, Lilia, Loida
Caaguazu Camp
We started setting up the sound on Saturday, but left off to go to the Caaguazu camp for the evening service.  We had a good services and good alter service.  Maybe 250 people? Dad was there with mom, so got to see them, and Loida of course.  Loida was not feeling well; upset stomach.  We headed back home and then to bed about 1:30AM.

Well, off to bed.  Up early to study and then back to the camp to finish up some details on the sound system. Please pray for the sound system.  I feel that if the sound system is set up properly and functioning correctly it is less distractions.  Would really like for everyone to be able to hear the speakers without hindrance.

Miss you all back home, and miss my wife (she is in Ciudad del Este with her parents).