Sunday, January 23, 2011


New roofs.  Kitchen to the right.
First roof is dinning.
Just a few weeks before camp some of the brethren had decided to add an additional 32x32 feet to the current 65x52 auditorium and they added a 39x49 addition right next to it towards the kitchen, this will be used for tables so that the table don't all have to be taken down and set up before and after each meal.

Although the concrete floor was not done they stomped down the dirt and that worked fine.  The new addition seemed to function as a funnel for the wind; which made it a bit more long as there was a breeze.

They are planning on extending the dinning roof to the front over the entire kitchen area.  This will make the kitchen work area much cooler, and since this also includes the cooks quarters it will be a great help.  The cooks get up about 4:00AM to start cooking and if they can't get a decent siesta it makes for an exhausting week.

They are also planning on extending a small, slopped roof from dinning roof over to the public bathrooms.  Here they will build sinks for a washing area, eliminating the current bench and tubs method.

There are also plans of adding more bathrooms and air conditioning for the cooks quarters.  We counted 20 sealing fans needed to complete the auditorium.  We had a couple of days of 100+ degrees with no wind.  100 is not bad if there is a breeze to ease the heat.

We are also hopping to purchase a Behringer XENYX X2442USB sound mixer, some unidirectional mics and more speakers.  We did a test run of recording directly to the computer from the mixer and it worked well but needs more fine tuning.

The saints in Villarrica have also finished the first level of the parsonage and are working on the second level.  Fide and his family are currently living in Mom and Dad's house and have done extensive work on some urgent issues.  There is much work to be done on the house but Fide is such a hard working and a faithful minister of the Pauline message.  We are praying that the Lord will lead and supply for starting the construction of a church building in Villarrica this year.