Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 Trip:: Getting ready ~ Part 2

Frylink, Noemi, Samuel
Loida, Frylinky, Lilia
Well...we are all packed!  That is not as easy as it sounds :-)  Loida always tries to take cloths for her family, especially for her older sister Noemi and her kids.  We also end up taking things for Abel, Sara Crook, Mariela Crook and others.  We are allowed a total of four bags, 50lbs. each of checked baggage.  We use the green army bags and it is an art to get them all full with exactly 50 lbs.

Did some last minute shopping Monday after Loida cleaned the house and washed cloths.  Tuesday I had to go to Lawrence, but we are packed and ready to go.

We leave KCI at 5PM with United Airlines and they are calling for snow all day Wednesday and into Thursday.  We trust the Lord to prepare the way...even in regards to the weather.  We are grateful to brother David for taking the time to drive us to the airport...and glad he knows how to pack his car with 600 Lbs of luggage and passengers :-)

As time and technology permits I will make updates to this blog during the trip.  The last two trips I have had a cellular modem at my disposal.  Not sure if I will this time and the internet connectivity is not that good.  Time is also a factor in that we are in meeting most of the day and any "free" time I like to spend visiting with saints that we see only once a year.

We are so very grateful for individuals and assemblies that are faithful in the fellowship of this ministry by prayer, encouragement, love and monetary support.  Our God is so awesome in his wisdom, power and love as pertains to His eternal plan!  He plants His love in my heart and your heart and unites us in one desire; HIS will.

Please pray for a time of spiritual revival and refreshing.