Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Trip:: Getting ready ~ Part 1

We will be leaving for Paraguay January 20th, returning February 7th.  I am so grateful to the Lord that Loida will be traveling with me this year.  We had not even considered Loida making this trip, but the Lord had other plans and supplied the funds...we didn't even ASK?!  Isn't the Lord wonderful?!

We will meet up with mom and dad in Houston, but will be tacking separate flights from Houston to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We are scheduled to arrive in Bs.As. at the same time and will continue on to Asunción together on the same flight; scheduled for arrival in Asunción 4:25PM local time.  The clocks on the right sidebar show the current times in both Paraguay and Argentina.

Loida will travel from Asunción to Caaguazu with her sister that same evening.  Loida's dad will be holding a family camp there, so Loida will be able to visit with her family.  I will head on to Villarrica with Fide to spend the night and then to Isla Vega Saturday morning to help set up the sound system.  The Lord has enabled EGE Ministries to help in the purchase of over $3,000 worth of sound equipment.  This will be such a blessing for the camp meetings at Isla Vega and something that the Lord had laid on my heart for several years now.  We are so very grateful for all those individuals and assemblies that support EGE Ministries and the work in Paraguay.

Fide and I will make a quick trip to Caaguazu Saturday afternoon where I am scheduled to speak in the evening service.  We plan on returning to Villarrica that same night and then back to Isla Vega to continue working on the sound system.  Loida will stay with her family in Caaguazu and the go to Ciudad Del Este where her parents live.  She will meet up with me back in Isla Vega on Wednesday or Thursday.

Dad will speak at L'Petit Friday evening, then head out to Caaguazu (113 miles) for the afternoon services, back to Asuncion that evening and will then speak at brother Eladio's meeting in Capiata (15 miles) Sunday Morning.  Sunday evening or Monday, mom and dad will head to Villarrica (100 miles).

The "Workers Convention" will start in Isla Vega on Monday with an evening service and will go through Thursday, noon.  The general camp will start Thursday evening and run through Sunday noon.